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''We all  have dreams to pursue, a few places to visit and a million experiences to live...''


It is said that the people we share our time with define us. They enrich and strengthen us as individuals, they grant us experiences, security and constant improvement. It is also said, that when something complements us, it adds value to ourpersonality. In B-NOIR we believe in fashion as a form of expression and complements as a way to intensify an attitude. With unique and delicate jewelry, we express a dynamic and elegant attitude, full of passion.


The team

We've always wanted to create something. Why not start with something we like? Despite being young, we knew that we wanted to work and pursue our dreams. We started without knowing exactly where this journey would take us, but sometimes you just need to be willing to do something and dare to do so.  Starting in 2014, we've been studying international relations and business administration in Madrid. We love fashion and we like to face new challenges.


The idea

Our friends loved our designs, they asked us to make them a reality, they wanted unique bracelets, that no one else would wear. That's when we came up with the idea of creating B-NOIR, adapting jewels to the tastes of those near us, far away from mass production. How to combine a Swiss and Spanish nationality to create delicate and unique pieces? We hit the key when we chose to connect two cultures, developing products in Spain and being inspired from abroad. This way we would foster the Spanish economy, while we reached new horizons. Each and every design is produced in Spanish factories, ensuring uniqueness and 100% quality in our products.

                                                                                                   Mar, Inés & Gonzalo

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