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All B-NOIR Jewelry is made from high quality materials.

Taking care of your 925 Silver Jewel is simple and easy.

Below you will find tips to keep all B-Noir parts in top condition.

All B-Noir Jewelry has been treated with techniques that prevent loss of gloss. However, sterling silver may lose over time, so it is better to dispense with the joys sleep, participate in participation in physical activities.

If there is nothing to do, I want to clean the room. Use warm water and soap (with neutral f) and rub it gently with a toothbrush. If the piece of gold-soaked studios requires a mayor's care, as not subtly rubbing can lead to a loss of the bath.



B-noir does not guarantee that the gold bath of our models will last forever. By default, gold-plated pieces are more likely to lose color over time. Multiple factors like the use of the piece, the level of body sweating chemicals in the skin mark the speed at which the color is disappearing. The less you scratch a jewel, the longer your life will be.

Contact with in case your jewelry misses the gold bathroom sooner than you expected. We will analyze your case and inform you about our personalized gold bath service. So you get your B-Noir jewelry to regain the initial brilliance

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